Just a little bit of “love” from my happy kiddos and their moms and dads…


Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note with a big thank you for all the reading support for my girls. You have rekindled their love for reading, and for that I’m so grateful. Nicole had a lot to catch up on this year and the progress she made, we could not have done without your expertise! Without your help, she may have had to repeat the first grade. The thought of that was pretty devastating to her, and I cannot say enough how much we appreciate your work, while making reading fun and exciting again. Thank you for helping Reagan and Nicole become confident, motivated readers!!
Forever grateful,
Anne C. – Winter Park


I was very reluctant to go down the path of using a tutor for my daughter at such a young age.  I thought tutors were for high schoolers and what can you do that I can’t do for my own elementary aged child.  

But I was very wrong! 

You have given my daughter the individualized help she needed with a calm and patient approach and I have watched her confidence soar this year!  I didn’t believe she would ever be a girl who just picked up a book to read for fun and fast forward 6 months- she comes home and willingly, happily, picks up a book to read while she roller skates around the house.  

I appreciate all you continue to do for Jaisel and thank you so very much

Sapna M. – Winter Park


Working with Kelly has really changed the game for us. We noticed a shift after the very first session. The confidence my son now possesses has been the biggest and most important change. The work she does with him has such a ripple effect on our whole family, truly. If my son goes to school with the confidence that Kelly has instilled in him, and uses the tools she has given him to use in the classroom, then he comes from school happy and feeling good about himself, which then translates into a chatty car ride home, sharing a laugh with his sister, breezing through homework, and fun conversation around the dinner table. A good day at school and the feeling that he can do it really does affect everything. Not to mention, seeing your child happy and confident when they have struggled in the past is incredible! 

Julie S. – Winter Park


The other night, our son told us that Kelly saved his life! A bit dramatic but the sentiment is sincere. Before Kelly, he was well below where he should be for his grade level. Now he is above grade level and isn’t afraid to pick up a book! Kelly is patient and diligent in her approach to helping young readers. We are so fortunate to have found her!

I.G.- Maitland  January 2017


What I love most about working with Kelly is that she initially took the time to truly understand my daughter and meet her where she was.  The difference between my daughter having to fit into the structure, pace, and teaching style of her 1st grade classroom versus Kelly developing a unique structure, pace, and teaching style that fit my daughter – wow! – it has made all the difference and she has truly unlocked my daughter’s potential.  We have seen enormous strides in her reading.  I’m so glad that we made the investment in Kelly so that my daughter would get the foundation and confidence she needs and deserves.

Megan W. – Winter Park


Kelly has made a huge difference in my first grader’s life! Her teaching techniques have opened up a whole new world for him. We’re so happy with his renewed confidence, which has affected his grades, his independence, and his relationships at school. Would certainly recommend to anyone whose child is having difficulties with traditional learning.

Lindsay C. – Orlando


Kelly, Saioa has made an incredible progress reading and gaining self confidence. I wanted to thank you for the great coach you have been for her. I know that she misses you. 

Thank you so much, you have made a difference in her life.

Mercedes B. – Winter Park


Kelly is such a warm and caring person. She is also an amazingly gifted teacher. My daughter had very little confidence when she started working with Kelly. She quickly formed a bond with Kelly and made amazing progress over the school year. She made great strides in her fluency, comprehension and confidence. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone who has a child struggling with reading or a child who needs some extra help. Kelly will help build them up and give them the tools they need to succeed. We will forever be thankful for all she has done.

Kristen B. – Longwood