Our Tutors


Here you will find all of our amazing certified teacher tutors who are busy changing the lives of children on a daily basis…

Me and QuinnKelly Cavanaugh is owner and operator of CFTT. She has an extensive background with more than 25 years in the field of education. Before choosing to work exclusively, one-on-one, with children she traveled and served for 18 years as a reading specialist, educational consultant/coach and trainer for urban and rural Title One schools and districts across the country.  Kelly’s passion and area of expertise lies in working with visual learners, including students labeled as dyslexic, ADD/ADHD, visual-spatial, right-brained, picture learners. For more info on Kelly and what she does,  visit her personal                                                      website/blog at:  http://kellycavanaughtutoring.com

 Victoria is currently teaching 7th grade math but she’s comfortable teaching math through the 8th grade level. She’s an amazing Teach for America teacher in Orange County and is the eldest of ten so her experience with children is vast! Previously, Victoria worked as a para-educator in Maryland and a GED teacher in Baltimore where she was dedicated to helping juvenile delinquents     get off the streets and get their GED.

Fiona is a passionate, highly skilled Language Arts and Intensive Reading teacher currently working with children grades six through twelve. She currently works for Orange County Public Schools  teaching ELA and Intensive reading for grades six though eight. Fiona is an active member of Teach for America Orlando and most recently was awarded Orlando Magic’s and Dixon Ticonderoga’s 2017 Teacher of the Year Award.

Briana is a highly motivated and knowledgeable Language Arts teacher and Teach for America corps member. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, and currently teaches 8th grade Language Arts in Orange County. Her previous work experience also includes teaching 9th grade Intensive Reading, 9th grade Language Arts, and 12thgrade Intensive Reading in Duval County. She is equipped to teach Language Arts, writing, and reading for grades 6-12.

Monique is an enthusiastic and motivated Teach For America corp member. She currently teaches all 3rd grade subject areas in Orange County and is qualified to work with students in 2nd through 4th grade. She’s available to tutor any subject area but she particularly enjoys math!



Rachel is a 6th grade World History teacher and Teach for America alumni. After completing her two-year commitment with Teach for America, Rachel decided to continue her work in Orange County schools; educating and inspiring children in central Florida. Rachel is also beginning a Masters of Education program at Johns Hopkins University and is currently certified in all secondary social sciences (history, economics, geography), in grades 6-12. Her heart is with middle school, but she is qualified within high school area content as well. Rachel loves working with students and seeing the growth that is possible through hard work and dedication!