Frequently Asked Questions

What sets CFTT apart from other learning/tutoring centers or private tutors?

  • Our tutors are carefully interviewed and selected based upon their expertise and proven track record.  CFTT tutors are certified, professional teachers who are passionate about helping children succeed.
  • Consistency is key… your child will work with the same tutor for each session.  The best outcomes are built upon a solid relationship of trust, caring and understanding.
  • CFTT offers one-on-one tutoring services at affordable rates.  There are no long-term contracts to sign nor any hidden fees or costs.
  • Our tutors come to you whether you prefer the comfort of your own home or an alternate location, CFTT makes it easy to receive the help and support you need, where you feel the most comfortable.

How long will my child need (or myself) tutoring services?

  • After our initial phone consultation, CFTT will suggest a plan based upon the specific needs of your child.  The number of sessions and length of time tutoring services will be provided is entirely up to the parent.  Single sessions are available for booking but the majority of our clients opt-in for our session packages to ensure quality progress is made.

How do I make payments?

  • CFTT offers a very simple, online solution/vehicle for payment.  It’s safe, easy and reliable.  We will be happy to direct you as the time comes to make your initial payment prior to the implementation of session one.

Okay, I’m ready.  How do I go about enrolling my child?

  • You may call directly: 407-923-3627 or email to:
  • Click on the New Student tab. Complete the form and submit.  We will be in touch with you as soon as we receive your inquiry.