Kelly Cavanaugh- Director/Owner
Educational Therapist / Reading Specialist / School Improvement Consultant
Specialties: Reading Instruction and Remediation-Support, ADD/ADHD, Processing Disorders, meeting the needs of Visual-Spatial Learners (Right-Brained dominant) who tend to struggle in the Auditory-Sequential (Left-Brained) structure of school.

Kelly Cavanaugh is an educational therapist, reading specialist and consultant who passionately works with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and gifted children to help them turn their lives around and reach their full potential.

Kelly’s students have heightened perception abilities that cause them to be highly impulsive, easily distracted or not focused and many are extremely energetic. As a result, they sometimes frustrate their parents and are often labeled as ”difficult” in school and many are treated with drugs. Although these children are typically very bright, they can have problems mastering basic skills such as reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic.

Kelly’s dedication to these children is not surprising. She struggled through elementary, middle, and high school – but, once free to study what was really of interest to her she excelled at the college level and earned a Masters Degree from Rollins College. Kelly often draws on her own challenging experiences to bring out the absolute best in her students. She works one-on-one with all of her students and quickly develops a trusting relationship with them. Kelly instills confidence in their abilities and improves their enthusiasm for learning. In fact, her popularity is evidenced by her waiting list for new clients.

Kelly Cavanaugh attributes her success with her students to techniques she’s learned from her friend and mentor, Jeffrey Freed, author of,  RIGHT-BRAINED CHILDREN IN A LEFT-BRAINED WORLD. After working with ADD and gifted children for a period of time, Kelly made a simple, yet revolutionary discovery: Most gifted, and virtually all children with and ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia, share the same learning style. Freed suggests these amazing right-brained children are “highly visual, non sequential processors who learn by remembering the way things look and by taking words and turning them into mental pictures.” They tend to do poorly in school, because educators are typically left-brained, detail-oriented, auditory processors who view visual learners as “disordered.”

In his book, Freed offers parents a simple and clear strategy for helping their ADD and gifted children excel both in and out of the classroom. By spending only 10 minutes a day, parents can help their children realize immediate results in spelling and noticeable results in reading and math in two or three months. They also will develop the self-esteem necessary to succeed in other areas.   This wonderful resource is highly recommended!

Kelly has a HUGE heart for kids and has worked in the field of education for more than 24 years.  Her Master’s degree in Education is from Rollins College and her Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology is from the University of Florida.  Her experience with struggling students is extensive.

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